3 Steps for Getting Rid of FOMO

Ugh! Feeling FOMO is not fun– I love Maxie’s tips for dealing with it. I personally feel it so much more with Snapchat around more than anything else. I wish I was better about it, but I definitely succumb to that feeling of “ugh, so and so looks like she’s having the best night ever.”…


How to Start Building Your Tribe Right Now

I do believe in the quote about being the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I’m all about surrounding myself with people, especially women, who lift me up, inspire me, and push me to be my very best. I have friends near and far that I’ve met throughout the years….


5 Realistic Ways to Simplify Your Life

I think Maxie, per usual, read my mind. My major to-do this week is to get everything under control. Reorganize my desk, declutter my office, go through my phone and inbox, review and assess my calendar. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by everything and I think a good, solid spring cleaning is in order. In fact,…


4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting (Anything)

Isn’t it crazy how far we’ve come in terms of technology and communication in such a short amount of time? I think we’re all still trying to catch up as far as best practices, safety, and “rules” are concerned though. There’s a lot of grey area and there’s quite a few ways you can end…


7 Secrets of Confident People

I love when I meet someone and she’s so confidently herself. There’s something powerful and almost entrancing about being in the presence of someone like that. I also can’t help but wonder, how does she do it?! Maxie is one of those uber confident people whom I LOVE spending time with. (I always hope some of…