First Lilly

The other day I was looking through photo albums and came across a picture of me in my first Lilly Pulitzer dress.  I had had a skirt in seventh grade I think, but this was my first official dress. I was really tall and skinny for my age, so finding clothes that fit was always…


Good Dog

For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of dogs.  It’s not unusual for me to be afraid of things (including, but certainly not limited to ketchup), but my fear of dogs is right up there. This week, I have been house and dog sitting for family friends.  My mom assured me…



So my really, really, really cute friend Melly and I took pictures for the Lilly Lover Days contest.  We had so much fun getting ready and matching.  Literally every car that drove past us on Bayshore (if you’re from South Tampa or have ever been there, you know how busy it is!) stared at us….


Happy Almost Fourth

happy fourth of july This picture is circa 1995. Sporty Sister still has that doll “Molly,” but she is not in the same condition. (Oh man, check out those velcro sneaks… I rocked those.)


Oh goodness gracious.

I have a slight obsession with grammar and have been known to send textbooks letters explaining what they said or did was wrong.  Oddly, I’m not really that great about my own grammar and I NEVER re-read my own posts because most of the time I’m in a time crunch.  There have been incidents, however,…


Fourth of July Weekend

Thank goodness we’re getting out of town this weekend.  I am incredibly sick of this rain!!!  Even if it rains while we’re at the beach, it’ll be better than being cooped up in the house. Sporty Sister is in Spain… I’m so jealous!  We’ve been getting the occasional Facebook message.  (Mine today: “I had something to tell…


Lilly Fabric Depot

As I have posted before (here and here), Soccer Mom found a bunch of Lilly’s at a fabulous consignment shop around the corner from my house.  It is literally fantastic.  We pretty much bought them out of all the best patterns.  We’ve been using the fabric to make all sorts of projects.  (Making the first…



After seeing some of my earlier posts about my cookie creations, some of my friends wanted me to make cookies for them!  Obviously, being so obsessed lately, I happily agreed to. I made these fun pink & green cookies for my friend’s surprise party! The pink bucket is from Michael’s… and I took seersucker fabric…


How do you Moms do it???

Oh my lord, I have had quite the week.  I am absolutely exhausted.  “Camp Carly” started on Monday.  I had agreed to babysit a family friend’s 10 year old boy while she drove her oldest son back to college in Massachusetts.  I drove to his house before his dad and other brother left for work….