Teddy and Hamilton

There’s this beauty product that you’ve been dying to get your hands on. It seems like so many people have used it and loved it. This miracle cream is supposed to do everything for your skin from taking away wrinkles to making you the happiest woman alive. Oh, and the packaging is just the cutest ever…


Puppies at the Beach

Last week, I met up with two of my friends (Julia + Meg) for an afternoon at the beach with our dogs. I was running late, of course, as I tried to wrangle two dogs into harnesses and leashes… and then I got a call from my accountant which left me feeling drained. The beach…


Teddy the Muffin

It’s been a while since the last Teddy update. I snapped some photos of him last week and I have to say, he’s looking mighty adorable. I took him in to get his summer cut the following day. While I miss the curly q look, he’s so soft and extra fluffy now… and much cooler….


On My Radar

I’m kicking off today’s post with a few photos of Teddy. There must have been something in his water this week because I swear he was extra adorable.  We finally finally finally got to enjoy Central Park this week. Taking him out before 9am in the winter is extra challenging because it’s so cold. Both for…


Teddy for a Year

I cannot believe it’s been exactly a year since I took Teddy home!!! Exactly one year ago, I was terrified out of my mind wondering what in the world I was thinking getting a dog. The whole day I was in denial that he was actually coming; I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around what…


Teddy’s Favorite Things

It just blows my mind how quickly Teddy is growing up! One minute he needs help getting up and down the stairs and now he’s taking on Central Park without a leash. (God help me when I’m a parent… seriously, sometimes I just look at him and cry.) He’s really such a sweet puppy dog….



Teddy recently passed the eight month mark, which also means that I’ve had him for over six months. In some ways I feel like I was just picking him up in Grand Central and staying up for basically two weeks straight with a crying puppy and in other ways I feel like he’s always been…


Poor Teddy

It’s a sad day here with Teddy. The little guy hurt his leg. Unfortunately, it’s a common injury with Toy Poodle puppies as the growth plate has completely sealed off. He does this little jumpy/bouncy/hoppy thing and just landed on his leg in the wrong way. He was limping around and I took him to…


What I Didn’t Expect When I Got a Puppy

I was going through my phone this week deleting photos and videos to make room for more (#standard). I kept coming across pictures of Teddy as a puppy. He’s grown so much since I got him. In some ways I feel like he’s always been in my life, but at the same time not long…