On My Radar

This week was… a week. It’s definitely still very much a rollercoaster. In someways it’s crazy how routine and “normal” life feels right now. (As in, we’ve really settled into this new normal.) But on the other hand, I think I spent some time this week grieving the old normal. Just a lot on my…



One of the best parts about the internet is that I’ve been able to make some amazing friends over the years, regardless of where they live! One of the worst parts is it means you can become friends with people who don’t actually live that close. Ashley is one of those people. We’ve been lucky…

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My Favorite Free Youtube Workouts

As you guys likely know, I had been doing PureBarre workouts on my iPad since the beginning of this quarantine situation. I fell in love with Barre classes at my new gym last winter and really wanted to recreate those classes at home. I did the 60 day free trial with PureBarre and it was…

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Gingham Finds

Last week I broke out my gingham pants! A bit of a step up from my usual casual jeans look and it even got me in the mood for summer weather. Rounding up some gingham finds that caught my eye… Top // Similar Pants // Shoes // Earrings // Curtains // Chair, Table, Rug, Ginger…

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Four Product Makeup “Routine”

My skin has been loving this no-makeup thing. This has been a great break for it, but also this period of time has made me realize how much freer I feel without wearing too much makeup. Most days I go completely without, but I do feel a bit more put together with a touch of…

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No Such Thing As Too Many Stripes

I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to stripes. I love them, what can I say? You guys already know how much I love my Lake Pajamas (I have more pairs than I care to admit…). Well I was thrilled when they released a couple of dresses. I scooped up the navy and…

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Cleaning Supplies I Use Regularly

Between quarantining and the change of seasons, I have been on a cleaning spree. I am calling it spring cleaning, it’s definitely the quarantine. We haven’t had a cleaning service prior to this so I’ve been doing it. Frankly, I enjoy it. (At least for now, with no kids and 2,000 square feet, it’s totally…

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On My Radar

This week was pretty uneventful in a good way. Good balance of productivity and giving myself grace for quieter moments. I have felt more creative than I have in a while. Between crafting and writing and editing video and shooting content alone, I have been flexing that muscle quite a bit. I like it a…


What Am I Watching Lately

I’ve been watching a weird mix of stuff lately. Thought I’d share what’s been keeping my interest and would love to know what you’re watching too. I have not been able to sit down and watch movies– I don’t have the attention span for it at the moment. Mike and I tried to watch a…