The New Crew?

Have we found a replacement for J. Crew?Boden has been showing up on my radar recently.The clothes are cute and seem to fill in the holes that J. Crew has created since moving to a more “modern” and less “preppy” store. Take a look at Boden and let me know what you think! I especially…


Dreamland- I love this IDEA!

When I find a new blog I like, I tend to go through every single post in one sitting. Depending on how old the blog is, it can take me hours. But I love looking through the posts and seeing the great ideas people have! My latest find? Dreamland Her blog is so inspirational. I…

gift ideas

Boy Graduation Gifts Ideas

Here are my suggestions for graduation gifts for boys. I didn’t think they really would be interested in receiving a monogrammed coffee mug, you know? Monogrammed deck of cards– I think this is a great idea if you have to get a bunch for many boys. (about 25 dollars)The mighty mouse, which I just realized…


Google Analytics

Google Analytics cracks me up! I’m obsessed with checking it. I just took some time to go through and see what people Google searched to find my blog. SO FUNNY! College Prepster movies alone —> 57 searches? Seriously?!?! Preppy College blog with story about Adelaide I hate the College Prepster —> Nice! College prepsterds (?)…


Preppy Graduation Gifts

I just realized that Sporty Sister is GRADUATING from high school–SO SCARY! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was gearing up for all the grad parties and events. This post is all about gifts for girl graduates. They’re in ascending prices. Stationery is a super easy gift. Personalized stationery is even better,…


California Funk’s Photography

Dahlgren Chapel- Georgetown University As if California Funk needs more ego boosting [Direct quote: “The one thing I’m not good at is being humble.”]… but seriously, he does take really good photos. How amazing? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!



Quarter Life Prep tagged me in a little post. Normally I don’t do these things because I don’t have the patience to figure out clever answers… but I loved the first question so much that I just couldn’t resist! Plus, who doesn’t want to know more about me… I’m just kidding!!! [Ask my rowers, they’ll…