Fan Club

I found the picture of the missing fan club! (In reference to my post about missing The Stage) This is the fan club from my sophomore year!


Lilly Gifts= LOVE

Lilly, you’ve done it again. I was not a fan of the past few seasons… but I’m excited to announce that I LOVE the Holiday Gift Guide items! Love it! Have to have it! So cute! Perfect for my sleepovers with Little V! I have these shift ornaments from a few years ago, but I…



Hey! I’m sure I’m not the only one who floods her inbox with Daily Candy emails! (I get almost all of them! haha!) If you don’t receive them, you should! Check out their website here. Anyways, they’re launching a new website similar to Rue La La called Swirl! I’m so excited for it… If you…


The Stage

The other day, I was thinking about how much I miss being on stage. For as long as I can remember, I have loved being on stage. Whether I was just part of the chorus, or singing a solo, I felt “at home” standing in front of an audience. This is strange because I’m typically…



I don’t think girls should ever chew gum in public. It just looks bad. And for some people, sounds bad too. In class, the girl next to me was chewing gum. She went through 4 pieces, as in spitting a piece out and replacing it. Oh my lord. It drove me up the wall. Mints…


College Costume Parties

Themed parties are really fun. That is, if everyone actually participates! Little V and I decided to have a Rubik’s Cube party for last night. The intention was to raise money for our friend’s car because it broke under our care… And the car is very important for the program he runs. [A Rubik’s Cube…


If I had 25k to spend, I would….

… have a hard time deciding what to buy! I would love to buy this CUPCAKE CAR! It is included in Neiman Marcus‘ “The Christmas Book.” Who wouldn’t want to zip around in one of these cars??? I mean, they only go 7 miles an hour, but they’re personally customized and just so stinking cute!…


Vera Bradley Holiday

Vera Bradley Holiday!!! So cute! I really like the ornaments. They would make a really great Secret Santa gifts… or for teachers… or neighbors… or yourself! The stocking is a little much… but still fun, maybe for a children’s room! -College Prepster


Ahoy There!

I have lots of work today, so I’m just going to post a few pictures! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! Little Miss (Eloise), Ali (Rockstar), and Me! Coxswain love! Is she not the most perfect Eloise??? Fordham Prepster meets College Prepster And, of course, California Funk -College Prepster