Confessions of a College Prepster- Day 2

My Blackberry alarm begins to shriek. Instinctively, I reach to my right, but my arm falls and hits the side of my bed. I roll over and nearly fall off my bed. I jolt up and realize that I’m not in my queen size bed. I’m in a very narrow, squeaky bed. I see Gigi’s…


Real Quick Request!!!

***This is a picture of my Grassroot group from last semester with a few of our kids*** Remember Team Up? Well, we have a potential HUGE donation!!! Like, really, really, really amazing. But… we need to build a database of contacts. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US? You wouldn’t be obligated to donate or anything, we…


Springing Forward

This week is going back to normal. Spring Break is over. Sad, but I’m happy and ready to be back on a schedule. Okay, so during training we finally felt some spring-like weather! I just can’t wait to pull out my Jack Rogers!!!!!! What should I wear mine with? I loved this Lilly dress in…



I saw this license plate on the way down to practice yesterday morning! I thought it was so clever- Just had to share it with yall! PS Sorry for the lack of posting/commenting/tweeting… We’re having two-a-days!



The winner of my giveaway is ADELAIDE! How awesome is it that her name also happens to be the main character of my Confessions series! She had less than a 2% chance of winning, so I’m thinking it’s a good omen for things to come! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to EVERYBODY who blogged and tweeted about Team…


Spring Break Flashback

No real spring break because of crew practices. Sort of sad, but we have lots of fun! But I miss Florida. And I miss the hot sun. And spring break vacations with my family. The last spring break I went on (Jr. year of high school) we went to Seaside, FL. It’s a bit of…


Looks for Less

J Crew versus American Eagle! AE has some surprisingly cute products at great prices!!! J Crew vs. American Eagle seersucker dresses (I love the back of the AE one) J Crew vs. American Eagle madras bathing suitsJ Crew vs. American Eagle bathing suit Happy Spring Break!!!