The winner of my giveaway is ADELAIDE! How awesome is it that her name also happens to be the main character of my Confessions series! She had less than a 2% chance of winning, so I’m thinking it’s a good omen for things to come! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to EVERYBODY who blogged and tweeted about Team…


Spring Break Flashback

No real spring break because of crew practices. Sort of sad, but we have lots of fun! But I miss Florida. And I miss the hot sun. And spring break vacations with my family. The last spring break I went on (Jr. year of high school) we went to Seaside, FL. It’s a bit of…


Looks for Less

J Crew versus American Eagle! AE has some surprisingly cute products at great prices!!! J Crew vs. American Eagle seersucker dresses (I love the back of the AE one) J Crew vs. American Eagle madras bathing suitsJ Crew vs. American Eagle bathing suit Happy Spring Break!!!



“My supporters, my supporters are you ready?”“READY!” This is the beginning part of one of the GAMES we play during a Grassroot Hoyas session. “My Supporters” helps the kids understand the importance of social support. The kids have to identify the people in their lives who can give support in tough times. Also, the game…


make cupcakes not war!

I should totally be writing my Middle East paper right now… but… this will just be a quick little post, I promise! Yours truly has been the subject of some, ummm how should I call it, negative publicity around school. I’m not hiding behind my computer. [It’s very vulgar and don’t wish to offend any…



1 in 20 DC adults is positive for HIV. I’m involved with The Grassroot Project which uses Division I student athletes as role models to teach at-risk DC youth ways to prevent contracting HIV/AIDS. The program is completely unique in that we use the universal love of SPORTS to teach the kids. The Team Up…


Confessions of a College Prepster- Day 1

Catch up on Day 0 of COACP here! Dad is just unloading the last of my various boxes and duffels onto the cart we were given for move-in day. Every molecule in my body is filled with anxiety. Well, there are at least two filled with excitement. Those two excited molecules urge me out of…



As Katie mentioned in The Secret Life of a College Prepster, in addition to having school spirit and studying hard, part of being a good CP is getting involved! I’m very involved with a completely unique organization called The Grassroot Project. The Grassroot Project was started by Tyler Spencer after seeing a similar organization in…


Preppy College Outfits for Class and Library

Olivia T asked sent me a question asking me about preppy outfits. She asked: “i have a question… i’m a senior in high school and i’m getting ready to graduate and go to college, anyway…i have a wardrobe full of preppy clothes however i can never seem to put together a preppy outfit. can you…