Little Miss is 21!

Little V is 21!!! She has the best birthday present: Another SNOW DAY! I can’t imagine having school for the rest of the week too… Outside my window is just a wall of WHITE! Little V’s older brother (who lives in DC too) organized a whole big surprise party for her. While she was out…


Snow Day Take 2

Last night, we all decided to do a Game Night (even though it’s a typical Friday night tradition… it seemed fitting since we didn’t have school). We played Cranium, but it was moving pretty slowly since people were wandering in and out. Although, I had to draw a mailbox with my eyes closed and it…



I’m currently sitting in the library with California Funk. He’s doing homework; I’m sitting here catching up on blogs, listening to pandora (Hey, Soul Sister by Train station… haha, that’s funny), gchatting (I’m obsessed with Gchat, add me if you ever want to chat: collegeprepster [at] gmail [dot] com), and reading Post Secret’s Sunday Secrets….



The snowpocalypse has definitely come to Georgetown University. I cannot believe how much snow is outside my window! We were supposed to have a 7 am practice, which would have meant walking down to the boathouse at 6:25 in ALL THE SNOW! I mean, A LOT of snow. While it was still snowing! We got…



I was so looking forward to the spring collection from Vineyard Vines. I thought they did a FANTASTIC job with the fall collection (especially compared to Lilly’s lackluster fall clothing)… I just got the email for the new Spring arrivals, and I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. The colors are okay, but I’m…


Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!

I did a post at the beginning of Fall semester about what was in my tote bag. I used that Lilly tote through September, but it’s not exactly appropriate for fall or winter. I switched to my trusty Vineyard Vines tote, which I absolutely adore. The girls from my freshman dorm gave it to me…


Looking for a good book?

Please run, don’t walk to your local bookstore/library and pick up a copy of this book!!! California Funk gave it to me for Christmas and I read it in a few sittings. It is just absolutely phenomenal. LIFE CHANGING. -College Prepster



As you may recall in my 2009 Favorites blog post, I am really feeling the flannel. The freshmen boys on the team were really feeling the flannel during the winter training trip. They were always rocking the flannel shirts. I love them to death… they wanted to be on the blog, but I didn’t get…