Oliver’s Labels

A month or so ago, I did a post about Back to School for Elementary aged kids. I commented about making sure everything a student brought to school was labeled in. My lunch box was left on my bus on an almost weekly basis! Oliver’s Labels graciously sent me samples of their labels. Let me…


Divine Intervention?

I believe I may have encountered a true Divine Intervention today. And I need your help!!! Background: I’m a coxswain for the men’s heavyweight rowing team here at Georgetown. We have morning practices and it’s been pretty cold every morning. I rowed in Florida all through high school and never had to deal with cold…


FALLing in Love with Vineyard Vines

Is it bad that I want EVERYTHING??? I love the patchwork… Especially the grey. I love grey and I think a lot of people underestimate it! Um, Hello?!? LOVE the buttons! I love this skirt… I don’t think I could decide between the yellow and the green versions though. Maybe get the dress in one,…


College Prep

A college prepster certainly cannot live without: How fabulous are these backpacks?!? Check them out at R. Williams. I’ve never heard of the brand, but I’m so glad I know them now!!! Better late than never, right?


Kate Spade

I took a break from studying and writing papers to check out the current Kate Spade collection. LOVE. I’m not a huge fan of this shoe. Although it is absolutely gorgeous, I would never personally wear them. I don’t typically go for flashy things. HOWEVER, they’re named “Carly” so I naturally had to include them…


Quick Update

This weekend is going to be crazy! I have so many things going on next week that I have to prepare for. Monday- Sociology Quiz Statistics Quiz Wednesday- Statistics group case presentation Thursday- Witches 6 page paper Theology 6 page paper Not fun. Plus it’s homecoming weekend and we have a regatta on Sunday. Bah!…


Can’t-Live-Withouts for Autumn

Living in Florida, we don’t get much of a sense of “Autumn.” We wear sweaters with skirts and melt. (You have to suffer for beauty, of course.) Last year, I experienced a real Autumn at school! Here are things that I just could not bear to live without last year and certainly will not be…


What’s In My Tote?

I’ve seen a few versions circulating around the blog scene in the past about what people carry in their purses. Here is some things I carry in my tote: Pink Georgetown binder (I have a light pink one too!) Pink Georgetown notebook (I have a turquoise one too) Lilly cosmetic case which I use to…


Dear Freshmen,

Dearest Freshmen, Congratulations on being accepted into the best university. I’m sure that everyone back home is very, very proud. I totally get why you bought twenty college shirts, four pairs of sweatpants, three plastic water bottles, and an obnoxious back pack, all in school colors. You must be pretty intelligent to have been accepted….