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Maybe it’s because I’m reading a book about horses or because I’m longing to wear my riding boots… but I’ve been totally into all the equestrian things online. Disclaimer: I’m actually pretty terrified of horses in real life. I’d much prefer to wear a silhouette of a horse or wear riding-inspired boots than actually ever get on…


How to Style a Barbour Jacket

I’ve been on the fence about Barbour jackets for a while now. Nearly every girl at Georgetown (#janehoya) had one. The minute cooler weather rolled around, you couldn’t walk from the front gates to Lau (our library) without seeing at least ten… on both the girls and the guys. The jackets are super masculine and rich…

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Gifts for Her… Head to Toe

I spent quite some time ordering Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and omg-you’re-having-a-baby gifts for my friends and family. I’m the WORST secret keeper ever, so Alison (my pregnant friend) and Stacy (my sister) should particularly not click on these links… I got Stacy this for her birthday and I got both Stacy and Alison this for Christmas gifts. I…

Cold Weather

Fall Classics (update)

So I wanted to an update of my fall classics post, but… not much has changed! I still stand, 2000% behind that post. Which actually makes me pretty proud. Three years have gone by and trends have come and gone, but those pieces still remain staples. They’re still what I reach for consistently throughout these fall months. I’m going to do a little update with a few tweaks.


Apple Picking Round 2


Rockport, Maine

Our trip to Maine has been pretty incredible so far. Because we’re really here for an EMS conference for Garrett, it’s been pretty low-key in the best possible way. We arrived at the Samoset Resort early Thursday evening after driving all day, but it was pitch black outside and pouring rain. We had a super…


Pumpkin Picking in Plaid

really wanted to go to a real pumpkin patch on Monday. But I had a busy morning getting back into the email grind after being away from my desk all week. Then, as I was getting ready to go, I remembered it was a school holiday. Nipped those plans in the bud. (I try to avoid the weekend crowds for things like that, which we can thankfully do with flexible/non-traditional work schedules.)

I did a bit of Googling and found what looked like a promising nursery. These things are hit or miss, and I couldn’t quite tell from their website. We went anyway and seriously; it was like driving up to heaven on earth for a fall-obsessed person like myself. Mums as far as the eye can see and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. (Reynolds Farms if you’re in CT; I highly recommend!!)

Plaid Shirt // Corduroy Vest //  Jeans // Similar Riding Boots // Monogrammed Boat and Tote // Similar Necklace // Similar Watch


On My Radar

I have been having the best week down here in Florida. Teddy is too. It’s always wonderful to be able to spend time with my family! We always end up having the best time. I say this every time, but I’m always so grateful every time I get down here and the four of us…



After scrolling through the Target new arrivals section, I couldn’t wait to share some of the cute fall pieces I found. I feel like I’m slowly starting to get a little more excited to add things to my closet again – nothing too crazy. I’m leaning into comfort and ready for the slightly cooler weather…